Genie FansAfter Hours Press and Ape Entertainment have partnered to bring the GTG Productions character, Genie the Genius to life in a an all-ages adventure comic, previewing at Wizardworld Chicago Comic Con. Genie has been an idea in Boomer Esiason and Lee Becker’s heads for fifteen years when they finally found After Hours Press to help them develop the idea.

Kids at the show snapped up issue #1 and had their copies autographed by writers Darren Sanchez and (14 year old co-writer) Emily Sanchez. The variant cover was in high demand and free Genie the Genius, wristbands were given away at the booth, along with stickers.

Under Armour gear (shirts and string bags) were also a big hit and will be made available, along with the comic, on the website.

Issue #1 goes on sale, at comic shops nationwide, on August 28th. Reserve your copy today!

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