Genie the Genius # 1
Reviewer Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
“DINO MAYHEM”–  The art is fun and done in a cute sweet style. Andy is a happy little kid who gets lost on his class trip to a museum. Andy finds a kid genie. Genie the Genius is a fun kid genie. They really do go on one amazing adventure. Andy and Genie are fast becoming friends and they know how to have fun, and you’re invited to join them on each and every adventure.

Andy’s sister Emily invites Andy and Genie to her tea party and she has pie. It is a cute story with cute characters even a few cute and cuddly teddy bears.
Andy and Genie are two kids who just know how to enjoy life and have fun.

Publisher:  After Hours Press/Ape Entertainment
Created by:  Boomer Esiason, Darren Sanchez & Lee Becker
Written by:  Darren & Emily Sanchez
Art & Cover by:  Massimo Asaro , Fernando Peniche
Colors by:  Antonio Peniche & Fernando Peniche
Lettered by:  AW’s Adrian Martinez

Variant Cover by: Matteo Stanzani & Darren Sanchez

Reviewed by Richard Vasseur
Jazma Online

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